Luxury Sheets and Bedding

When purchasing luxury sheets and bedding there are many factors you should consider.

Many times when people buy a mattress they don’t realize that the sheets have to match the profile of the mattress. If the quality linens aren’t made correctly, they will actually “strangle” the mattress and your mattress won’t perform according to the investment you made into it.

You tried the mattress out while you were in the store and you loved it, but now you have it home and you find out it doesn’t feel the same as it did in the store because it’s being “strangled” by your sheets.

Some Luxury Sheets and Bedding Facts

All our sheets, no matter what thread count or fabric, are designed to fit the shape and size of your mattress to allow it to perform as it was designed to do. We achieve this with the design, tailoring and fit of our luxury sheets.

luxury-sheets-and-beddingWith the design of our luxury sheets and bedding, there’s no way you’re going to wake up in the middle of the night because your sheets came untucked. Our flat sheets are extra big and long and will drop almost all the way to the floor even when it’s folded over your comforter or bedspread at the top.

The reason for that is to be able to give you plenty of tuck so when you are in your bed and, maybe you have a cover hog pulling the sheets. You should be able to pull your sheet up and hit the wall or headboard without the sheet coming un-tucked at the bottom.

Luxury Sheets and Bedding Features

That’s just one of the great features of our sheet line-up in every color, every size and every thread count.

Another feature we have that is very unique is how we are tailored. Our fitted sheet corners have a French seam which is like the inside of a high end skirt and basically means that the seam is sewn together, then folded over and sewn again.

The seam happens to be the first wear point in most fitted sheets so we not only have that built in there but the way the sheets are tailored to fit the mattress your fitted sheet tucks in and there is no way you can pull the sheet off if you grab it and pull on it. This solves the most common complaint of luxury sheets and bedding with deep pockets…that they come untucked easily. Ours don’t.

We also feature elastic all around so the sheets hold their selves in place much better than the non-elastic all around design.  So, having this extra secure fitted sheet, combined with the extra-long flat sheet, insures you of a great night’s sleep without waking up tangled in your sheets. With our luxury sheets and bedding we’ve got ya covered all night long.

What is CERTIFIED 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton

Most people aren’t aware of the vast difference in sheets that are labeled as Egyptian Cotton sheets (or Organic Egyptian Cotton Sheets) vs. CERTIFIED 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton Sheets.  True Egyptian Cotton luxury sheets and bedding will be of high quality Certified Organic Egyptian Cotton.

True Certified Organic Egyptian Cotton Sheets are:

  • Formaldehyde Free, Dye and Pesticide Free (healthier for you)
  • Grown in Egypt (highest quality give years of wear)
  • Hand Picked Cotton (not machine damaged outlasts others)
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton (others mix materials)
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